Security Guard

We provide security staff to some of London’s most elite.

Monitors premises to prevent theft or other illegal activities. Makes sure that buildings are locked after normal business hours and most importantly the security, safety and well-being of the employer/instructed.

Security Guard Job Duties:

  • Walks or drives around premises to investigate signs of intrusion
  • Responds to all alarms
  • Authorizes workers and non-employees to enter and exit the premises
  • Contacts police of fire department in an emergency
  • Keeps a log of all visitors
  • Writes daily activity reports; provides them to employer on request
  • Apprehends criminals or those not adhering to company rules
  • Monitors all parking situations
  • Drives any personnel to meetings or events
  • Notifies people of rule infractions
  • Drives armoured car to other businesses as necessary to transport money, valuables, or people
  • Provides valuable feedback to management about the security of a business
  • Takes care of any parking issues
  • Screens individuals as they arrive on the premises
  • Monitors the premises for criminal activity
  • Writes daily reports and maintains a diligent record of legal and illegal activities
  • Adjusts all temperature controls in the building to save money on power bills
  • Stops suspicious activities by asking for identification
  • Issues tickets or citations as required by company policy
  • Checks any and all bags for suspicious or prohibited items
  • Inspects all points of entry to make sure they are secure
  • Stays in contact with other security personnel to make sure the premises is secure at all times
  • Answers phone calls after official business hours

Security Guard Skills and Qualifications:

Time Oriented, People Person, Basic Math Skills, Great Written and Verbal Communication Skills, Basic Computer Literacy, Law Knowledge