Carers at Home – A Better Alternative to Nursing and Care Homes

Frail or unwell people prefer to live in the dignity, privacy and comfort of their own home – rather than in a “home”.

Our private “Care at Home” service, ensures you can manage the care in your loved one’s home. Providing more control – and helping your loved ones’ remain more independent.

Our “Care at Home” provides an ideal half-way house – quality care at home. It can also be less expensive than a care or nursing home.

Our Filipino carers and nurses are kind and gentle. They develop deep relationships lasting many years. They can “live in” – staying with your family – or “live out”.

They provide London families with an outstanding level of personal service. Our database includes dozens of carers and nurses ready to start work immediately.

  • We’ll find the best carers for your family and circumstances because we take time to establish your exact requirements and lifestyle needs.
  • All carers are vetted, assessed and handpicked to ensure compatibility with your family – saving time and stress.
  • Charges are only made once you’ve agreed to hire one of our candidates.
  • All our carers work legally in the UK. They have a cheerful, hardworking, flexible and reliable attitude.
  • We provide a 6-month carer guarantee because over 98% of our placements are successful.

We look forward to helping your loved ones to live, independently and comfortably, in the home they cherish.

Contact us to find the perfect nurse or carer for your London family.