Chauffeur/ Driver

Chauffeurs are specialist drivers who often expert knowledge of the local environment to need their clients’ needs. Companies and private individuals often hire chauffeurs to drive them to destinations with a touch of style, so it is important that the chauffeur is presentable and well spoken. 

Some chauffeurs work for limousine companies and are expected to be available at a moment’s notice. The job requires someone with a patient attitude, as the tight deadlines and busy traffic can often add a lot of stress to a driver’s duties. A chauffeur must present themselves in a professional way at all times.

There are no formal qualifications required to be a chauffeur but most employers prefer drivers with a good high school education. It is essential to have an up-to-date and clean drivers licence and many employers will also insist the employee has been an active driver for a minimum of one year. The average salary for this role is about £32,000 per year in the UK.


Chauffeurs are required to drive, maintain and clean a car for their employer. They have a more personal service than a taxi driver because they always take care of the same person or family, by assisting get in and out of the vehicle and opening doors. Among employers for this job are private household, VIP celebrities or business person, and a commercial company.

Chauffeur usually performs many of the following tasks: 
• Ensuring vehicle is well maintained. 
• Helping passenger with their luggage. 
• Picking up clients. 
• Assisting people with get in and out of the car. 
• Providing journey information to passenger.


• Having polite manners. 
• Being patient and flexible. 
• Having smart appearance. 
• Being punctual. 
• Having strong spoken communication skills. 
• Having knowledge about mechanics. 
• Being able to drive safely within legal limits. 
• Having geographical knowledge. 
• Being able to stay calm under difficult circumstances. 
• Having good interpersonal abilities.


There are no specific entry qualifications for Chauffeur jobs. It is required to have a driving licence and in most cases applicants need to be free of penalty points. Some employers require an advanced driving certificate from the Institute of Advanced Motorists. It is also recommended to have several years of driving experience for application processes.

Other requirements for some jobs are applicants without criminal records and medically fit for their duties. There are training schemes on the job supervised by an employer. Other qualifications for this area are SVQ’s and NVQ’s in road passenger transport.